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Concealer for men is one of the most effective products to instantly cover dark circles, post-acne redness, or any other facial discoloration. Surprisingly, few men realise it’s an option, mostly because of the misconception that cosmetic-based skincare products are only for women. But when applied correctly, men’s concealer is unnoticeable, and significantly brightens and improves the appearance of the face.

Here are our top tips for wearing men’s concealer.

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different men's skin types

Know your skin type

The amount of oil the skin produces varies from person to person. Skin can be dry, normal, oily, or a combination of both. If your skin if excessively dry or oily, be mindful of the concealer you choose. For oily skin, you may want to select a cream, clay-based concealer that will help dry the oil. For dry skin, consider a liquid concealer, which will help keep your skin hydrated. Men who sit somewhere in between shouldn’t need to worry too much.

Because men tend to produce a slightly higher amount of oil than women, we have formulated our men’s concealer for men as a clay-based cream concealer, suitable for most skin types.

Choose the right colour

This is a biggie. A concealer that doesn’t closely match the colour of your skin—whether lighter or darker—might be noticeable, so take some time to select the right colour. Every cosmetic company has a different colour matching system, but for our concealer for men, there are two things to consider:

men's skin tones for concealer

Primary skin colour

Is your skin light, medium, tan, dark, or very dark? “Light” tends to be people from Northern Europe, and “very dark” would refer to people of African descent.

Skin undertone: cool, neutral, or warm

Everyone has a skin undertone. If you’ve ever noticed how certain people look good in bright, neon colours, but look terrible in earth tones, this comes down to their skin undertone. Google it if you need some tips to help you identify yours, but generally speaking, men who burn easily and turn pink generally have cool undertones. Men who tan easily generally have warm.

Moisturise before applying

man moisturising skin before applying men's concealer

Moisturised skin has a smoother surface than dry skin, so make sure you moisturise a few minutes before applying your concealer. If you’re applying concealer around the eye, use an extra hydrating eye cream. This will help ensure the concealer goes and smoothly, and doesn’t build up in creases or dry spots on the face.

Apply sparingly and blend gently

A surprisingly small amount of concealer goes a long way. Most men aren’t after a perfect, airbrushed look, but just want to use a small amount to help cover dark circles and post-acne redness. Whatever you’re going for, start with a less than you think. You can always scale it up. 

Men should use their middle finger to gently dab and blend the concealer into their face. This not only helps to moderate the amount applied, but it’s also gentler on the skin, especially around the eye. 

Keep in mind that concealer might take a few attempts to master, but once you do it’s one of the best products to instantly improve your appearance.

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Check out our own men’s concealer here (formulated specifically for men’s skin).