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How to Identify Your Skin Tone



Step 1. Following the photo requirements below, take a photo of yourself, or find and existing one in your camera roll. Following these requirements is essential to ensure you get an accurate color match.

  • Upload a photo that was taken indoors in natural daylight. Facing a window is ideal.
  • This can be an old photo in your camera roll or one you’ve just taken.
  • Turn off overhead lights.
  • Make sure your photo does not have filters applied.

Step 2. Download and sign into the free Slapp app available in the Apple iOS or Android app store.


Step 3. Upload your photo.


Step 4. With your photo uploaded, select a point on your forehead and points on both your cheeks. With “your color” now displayed, take a screenshot of this page.

Step 5.  Feel free to crop your face out, and then email the screenshot to Now you’re done.