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Custom Shade Concealer


  • The only concealer custom-formulated to match your exact skin tone, so it’s completely invisible
  • A creamy formula, designed to cover acne and dark circles
  • Contains vitamin E to improve your skin’s appearance over time
  • Free international shipping

Size: 5 mL

Why go custom?

There’s a huge amount of variation between our skin tones, so when you buy a concealer shade from a standard shade range like most brands offer, it’s never going to be a perfect match. Sometimes you get lucky, but a lot of times the shade isn’t right and it’s noticeable to others that you’re wearing concealer. That’s why we decided to ditch standard shades and become one of the only brands in the world to offer our customers custom shades matched to their unique skin tones. A custom matched concealer means it’s invisible when worn, blending in perfectly with your natural skintone while concealing your blemish.

How it works

After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to upload a photo of yourself. Your photo must be taken indoors in natural daylight, ideally facing a window. Our system will average your facial skin tone to identify your unique shade.


Why use concealer?

Men have been using concealer for years because it's one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of the face. A small amount will instantly help hide acne, dark circles and discolouration, making your face look fresher, younger and smoother. When worn correctly, no one can tell it's on.



How to use

To use, apply a small amount under the eyes or to areas of discolouration, then gently blend in with your finger. A little goes a long way. If you have dry skin, moisturise before applying. You may need to adjust your colour as your skin becomes darker or lighter with the seasons.

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effective ingredients

camellia seed oil to moisturise

vitamin e to heal and repair

organic bees wax for all-day wear

silicone gel to blur fine lines and blemishes